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Custom Rug Order
Upload Design

For custom made rug(s) please fill out this form with your info along with the desired custom rug info. Please do one rug per form in the case that you are ordering multiple rugs (After you order multiple rugs we will allow you to choose whether you want them on the same invoice or separate invoices).


You can use a design from our inventory by inputing the rug number into the rug number field or you can submit your own design into the 'upload design' field.


Type out your desired rug size (Disclaimer: rugs may be woven a couple inches off from requested size).

Country of Origin:

Pick your country of origin from the ones listed (At the moment we only custom make rugs from Afghanistan, Turkey, and India).


Choose the material that you'd like your rug to be made of. You can choose from 100% Wool, Silk, Bamboo Silk, Wool/Silk Combo, Wool/Bamboo Silk Combo, and Cotton.

Order Process:

Once we confirm the order, we will then send the custom order to our manufacturer where they'll then make a graphic example of what the rug will look like. We will send the graphic to you to get confirmation before they start weaving it. Once the rug has been woven it will be shaved and washed. We will send a picture of the rug to make sure the it looks to your standard and also to confirm the wash/colors.


Pricing depends on country of origin, size, quality, design, materials used, and shipping costs. After order is confirmed we will invoice you. 


Timeframes for rug completion and delivery vary on the size and design of the rug. We will give an approximate timeframe after we confirm the order.


We take pride in customer satisfaction so if there's any problems once you receive your order just let us know and we'll do whatever's necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.

Thanks for ordering!

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